Thursday, August 29, 2013

ACE, Twenty First Century Heirlooms and The Racine Art Museum Shop

I have just returned from a week long trip across the mid-west that was full of craft show goodness, museum visits and fellow jeweler hangouts. I was able to participate in the American Craft Exposition this year as an emerging artist and had a wonderful experience. I met so many fantastic people and saw so much amazing work! Here are a few of the wonderful artists I was able to connect with over the weekend - be sure to check out their websites!

I was also lucky enough to visit with the lovely Sarah Holden - her work is amazing!

After the long weekend in Evanston I headed to Wisconsin to visit my fellow UGA Metals girl, Stephanie Voegele where she gave me a quick 18 hour tour of Milwaukee. 

On my trip home I stopped in Racine to check out the Racine Art Museum and was able to see the Twenty-First Century Heirlooms Show. RAM did a beautiful job with this show, if you are able to make it up there, be sure to check out this museum - Heirlooms will be up until September 15th. The show features work from Chris Antemann, Lucrezia Bieler, Melanie Bilenker, Ashley Buchanan, Linda Cordell, Amber Cowan, Kim Cridler, Venetia Dale, Jack Earl, Michelle Erickson, Diane Falkenhagen, Susan Taylor Glasgow, Heirloom Couture/Joanne Kliejunas, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Beth Lipman, Maggie Meister, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Susan Myers, emiko oye, Donna Sharrett, Christina Smith, Mary Smull, Kimberlie Tatalick, Jennifer Trask, Jonathan Wahl, and Stacey Lee Webber. 

Bow Brooch with Gemstone Button

And finally before leaving the museum, I dropped off some pieces for the museum shop!


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